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Return Policy

YOOMIX Returns 

Unfortunately, items are occasionally damaged in transit.

If an item arrives and the packaging or the item itself is clearly and significantly damaged, you should take photos or video showing the damage and contact us immediately.

Complete the “Returns” form located on the bottom of the Yoomix website and upload clear images of the damage, as indicated on the form.

The type of remedy we offer will depend upon the circumstances. We will work collaboratively with you to find an outcome that you're happy with.

For example, we may arrange to:

  • Suggest a self-repair (with an offer of compensation to you)
  • Arrange a repair by a local tradesperson in your area (with an offer of compensation to you)
  • Offer a partial or full credit voucher or refund
  • Replace the product (subject to availability)

You must include a quote for the repair of the fault and this will be reviewed by our team and assessed accordingly.

In all cases, Yoomix will credit a maximum of the USD FOB value for the individual damaged product

Yoomix does not cover transport costs

We will always use the most cost-effective solution and a repair will be used if the amount is less than the USD FOB value